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Arijit Bhattacharya | Sitar Player | Musiciun | Blogger | Aspiaring Biotechnologist | The Musical Brains

Hi! I’m Arijit,

A Biotech student & Musician 

I am currently pursuing Integrated M Tech in Biotechnology from KIIT University. I am a former medical Microbio intern at NRS Govt. Medical College. Apart from my academic curriculum I am very enthusiastic about Neuroscience. I love to learn and explore different field of neuroscience like Neuromicrobiology, Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience, Neuromusicology etc... I am very much inspired by Dr. Oliver Sacks's works and his writings. These motivated me more to learn and explore neuroscience.  

Now coming to my musical career, I was in class 5 when I picked up Sitar as an instrument to learn. I started learning from Pt. Bivas Samanta. I was formally trained in Imdadi Gharana. But because of studies and pressure of board exams I stopped playing sitar when I was in class 10. After a break of two years I was inspired by my friends and parents to play sitar again. I am so fortunate that sitar maestro Pt. Purbayan Chaterjee accepted me as his disciple. Now it is overall 9 years of my music journey and I am still learning it. 

This blog page is a merger between Science & Music. Because of my interest in the topics of neuroscience & music I choose to explore it and share my thoughts with you all. In this blog page I will also share my writeups on different books and book reviews. Also as scientific writer I try to share my words on the field of science in a informative way and I heartily welcome you all to read and explore them. 

You will also find my music videos in My Music section. 

Hope You Enjoy...

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