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Music and Your BRAIN 🧠 | Neuroscience of Success, Love, Happiness and Dementia

Music and Your BRAIN 🧠 | Neuroscience of Success, Love, Happiness and Dementia

Join us for this Podcast as we sit down with Mr Arijit Bhattacharya, Neuromusicology Expert. In this podcast, we delve into the fascinating world of music and its impacts on our lives. We start by exploring ‘What is Neuro Musicology,’ unraveling the connections between music and the brain. We then discuss the ‘Day To Day Life Impact of Music,’ highlighting how music influences our emotions, productivity, and overall well-being. Further, we examine ‘Music and Personality Judgement,’ discussing how our musical preferences can reflect and affect our personalities. Throughout the podcast, we also pay homage to famous old musicians and artists, celebrating their contributions to the rich tapestry of music history. Frontotemporal Dementia, Early onset of Dementia, Dementia risk factors and the correlation with music. #music #lonely #dementia #dementiasupport Link mentioned during the Podcast (Doctor Oliver Sacks) Chapters: 00:00 Podcast Intro 01:55 Neuroscience Explained 02:20 Music’s Impact on the Brain 03:23 Music and Dopamine Release 04:42 Music Preferences in Gen Z 05:25 Best Music for Studying 07:43 Debating Music’s Effects 09:49 Workout Music Insights 11:47 Myths: Newborns and Music 12:31 Music Choices for Different Listeners 14:27 Music Benefits During Pregnancy 14:37 Animals’ Response to Music 15:40 Ustad Zakir Hussain: A Musical Tradition 16:19 Musicians’ Brain Anatomy 17:35 Understanding Neuroplasticity 18:51 Dementia: Gender Differences 25:42 Important Links and Resources 29:47 Music’s Role in Relationships 33:15 Music’s Influence on Success 37:07 Exploring Frequency Theory 40:13 Music Calculations Unveiled 41:11 Music’s Everyday Impact 42:00 Exploring Music’s Dark Side 43:31 NCH vs. Normals: A Comparison 46:48 Music Demntia Therapy Demystified 51:14 Music as Medicine 53:26 Sound Waves and Their Effects 54:54 The Impact of Sound Waves 55:20 Bollywood Songs Alignment 56:02 Podcast Outro __________________________ This Podcast is Owned By TRNB Education Private Limited Host : Tarun Bindlish Disclaimers : For More Information and Support, Do Contact Us Directly
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