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A Year At A Glance

Celebrating one year and many more to count

The Musical Brains, blog by Arijit Bhattacharya celebrating one year

I can still recall that day,

All set, editing done, the first article uploaded, logo placed, waiting for hitting the publish button, and everything will come in front of the world to see. Yes, my Serotonin and Dopamine level was high, but not more than my Norepinephrine level.

And then, with all this dramatic excitement, I did it.

Ahhh!!! you might be thinking this explanation is more dramatic than my that day’s situation…

You are right; I am more excited today. I can assuredly tell you, that my Serotonin and Dopamine levels have increased right now, even more than that time; and my norepinephrine lost the battle. I don’t feel anxious about writing or publishing a blog today. The world around me has changed a lot in this one year. Yes, this boy currently writing in English had to have a fear of English even a year ago.

Let me tell you from the beginning, It won’t be too long, I promise…

The Musical Brains by Arijit Bhattacharya

When I first thought of doing it, I was in the middle of the sea. YouTube was my school to learn about website designing and publishing. And from there only, I became acquainted with multiple website hosting platforms; damn confusing, right? So I started contacting some people/groups, those who were acquainted with the pros and cons. Most of them ignored me, it's absolutely normal; they might have been thinking, “who is this random guy texting?”. But yes, many of them were so kind; they replied back with the exact information I wanted to get. After a month or two months of research and networking, I finally selected WIX as my website hosting platform. The struggle began here,

After purchasing the most comfortable hosting plan, I started designing my website. It was difficult but exciting and interesting. Again YouTube, being the world’s most popular institute, educated me about Website designing. And without any degree, I passed the challenge successfully, and I guess I have done justice with that. I am still learning about it, and there is still a lot to know.

Bit emoji Digital Illustration of Arijit Bhattacharya, Musician, Blogger, Scientific Writter

Meantime, I was obsessed with Oliver Sack’s books, and 'Musicophilia' was my read of that time. It was then that I found that music can even sometimes cause diseases, and there is not much discussion among common people regarding them. I got my topic from that spark, and started reading papers, articles, and books and started writing on it. After a lot of diffidence, I finally finished writing my first blog and scheduled it on the day of my website release.

So it was 25/05/2021 when I started blogging officially by publishing my Blog site, The Musical Brains. And "Musicogenic Epilepsy" was the first and only content that witnessed that happening. After publishing, I shared it among all my friends and family members and waited for the response to come. Many of them appreciated it; many of them said 'why to start all this when you have a carrier ahead in music & biotechnology, do focus on them'; many of them suggested some changes, which could make it better; and many said nothing.

The Musical Brains LOGO, by Arijit Bhattacharya

So today, when my blog is completing its one year with its little content, I am feeling proud of myself. The boy with zero writing skills today has completed his one year in this new world and might have done very little work or ordinary work but has reached readers in more than 14 countries. And you know without all of you it would have been impossible to enter this world of words in science. So I am really grateful to you all for all this love and support. I hope with all your blessings my brain will continue finding new topics of its own subject and my music will whisper its presence in my writing.

Now, wait for my next blog…

Oh, WAIT!!!

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Written and designed by Arijit bhattacharya


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